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Camden Pale Ale Has Arrived the History behind it and Craft Beer

Camden town brewery started in The Horseshoe in Hampstead where Jasper Cuppaidge brewed beneath the pub, from there they progressed and moved into the Railway arches in Camden Town. This all took place in 2010, where they converted 7 old Victorian arches and installed a modern brewery.

They quickly turned there ideas into recipes and there first beer was brewed in London Summer 2010.

The reason Camden Brewery even began was when running The Horseshoe they were sourcing there Wheat Beer from Germany and there pale ales from the US, they couldn’t believe no one local was making these products for the UK market so they decided to give this a go. They brew a permanent large range of beers one of which is Camden Pale Ale.

The story of Camden Pale Ale: they crash together the easy-drinking tradition of British brews with the bold hop flavour of American Pale Ales for beer made here in London.


The history of craft brewing saw Americas brewing landscape start to change by the late 1970s. The traditions and styles bought over by immigrants from all over the world were disappearing.

Only light Lager appeared on the shelves and in bars and imported beers was not a significant player in the market place.

Low calorie light lager beers soon began driving gand shaping the growth and nature of the American beer industry, even to the present day this is still the case.

By the end of the decade the beer industry had consolidated to only 44 brewing companies. Industry experts predicted that soon there would only be 5 brewing companies in the United States.

At the same time of the shrinking of the brewers a home brewing culture emerged, it began to thrive as this was the only way a person in the United States could experience the beer traditions and styles other countries had was to make it themselves, this is where craft beer begun.

All of the home brewing got the Brewing companies inspired, Anchor Brewing company was purchased by Fritz Maytag in 1965, it also inspired enthusiasts to start there own brewing companies.

Craft brewers have exceeded in establishing high levels of quality, consistency and innovation, expanding the minds of the beer consumers and crediting the most diverse brewing culture in the world.

The number of craft brewers has gone from 8 in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to over 2800 in 2013.